Corrective Services

Correcting Prior Brow Work

Some times things didn’t turn out the way you planned, or what was once in style, no longer is, and you want to fix, update, or upgrade your eyebrows.

I have successfully transformed prior permanent makeup, tattooing, and brow work done elsewhere, into brows you will love.

Below is a recent example of faded permanent eyebrows. 

Her brows have lost definition, and are faded, no longer matching her natural color. They just don’t look natural.

After the required consultation session, we book an appointment to create the initial eyebrow using Microblading techniques to provide a natural looking brow that covers the old tattoo and matches the face shape and hair coloring.

In the final session, we fill in to add depth and enhance the texture. As you can see in the closeup shot, you can barely see the old tattooed brow and if you didn’t know it was once there, you would never notice.

With annual touchups, the brows will continue to look natural for years to come!

Consultation Appointment is a must!

All clients are unique as are their situations. In my consultation session with you, I will advise as to the best approach, and I will also let you know if corrective services won’t work for you. Examples of situations that don’t work are;

  • scar tissue doesn’t absorb the ink and can’t be covered
  • previous permanent makeup that is large and you want smaller brows