Microblading or Nanoblading - What is The Difference?

Microblading or Nanoblading - What is The Difference?

You want, need, and must have fuller eyebrows and have decided to take the plunge with a more permanent solution than the daily routine of drawing and filling in your eyebrows, but there are so many techniques available. Tattooing, Microblading, and now Nanoblading. How do you know which one is right for you?

Tattooing is flat and can look like they were painted on, so I am not going to discuss that here (besides, I don’t offer it).

As an eyebrow specialist, I am always learning the latest techniques for brows that create a natural looking eyebrow that requires minimal maintenance and upkeep.

My clients that have been with me for a while, know that I am a perfectionist, and did a lot of research and training before offering Microblading. The results are amazing (check out my portfolio on my website https://www.bbnsd.com/portfolio/).

Now I am happy to report that I will be offering Nanoblading in addition to Microblading and standard brow shaping.

Nanoblading is the newest technology in the Eyebrow world. Nano being smaller than Micro, delivers the finest most realistic hair stokes to the brows. The procedures are almost identical to each other with a few important differences.

Microblading uses a handheld tool with ultra-fine flexible needles that scratch the skin will inserting pigment. This service lasts about one & a half years.

Nanoblading uses ultra sharp tiny needles in a digital machine. With this device you are able to achieve more accuracy with a more natural, precise look. Other pluses, it hurts less, the healing time is faster & it lasts two & a half years.

Both services promise to give the brows full definition with hair like strokes, for perfectly shaped brows!

Waxing Questions

Waxing Questions

How Often Should I Get My Eyebrows Waxed?

Brows generally require waxing about every two weeks, although it varies by person. Some people grow hair at a faster rate than others and benefit from waxing every one and a half weeks, while others can go up to three weeks or longer between sessions.

Does Waxing Hurt?

Getting your eyebrows waxed for the first time is probably going to be slightly uncomfortable. However, the more you wax, the less it will hurt. Continuous waxing eventually weakens the hair follicles, making the experience much more manageable. Additionally, seasoned wax specialists know how to apply the product to cause as little pain as possible.

What Will My Skin Look Like After the Waxing?

Your eyebrows will likely be red and a little inflamed immediately after the waxing session. Most waxers apply a product to soothe the irritation, which generally goes away after about 30 minutes. However, you can speed up the healing process by applying cooling ointments, such as chilled aloe vera gel.

Why Do My Brows Look Uneven?

Eyebrows are referred to as “siblings,” not “twins.” One is inevitably higher than the other, so do not panic if your brows are not completely even. Many makeup artists and beauty experts say the eyebrows should not be even because it brings more character to the face. If your brows are sparse or over plucked, ask me about Microblading.

Should you do a Lash Lift?

Should you do a Lash Lift?

What is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is like a perm for your lashes. It curls the lashes, gives them lift, definition & separation with eye safe solution. It somewhat gives the same look as eyelash extensions but with out the extensions! Just your natural lashes! 

How long does a lash lift last?

Lash lifts last about 6-8 weeks! The best part, you don’t need any special care! Get them wet, sleep on them, they won’t be ruined!

Anything I need to avoid?

Yes, after your lashes are done for 24 hours you will need to avoid getting them wet to let the solution set into your lashes. Kind of like a perm for your hair! Also avoid heat (sauna, facial, hot shower, working out, etc.). Lastly, avoid oil based eye makeup removers as it can deactivate the perming solution & uncurl your lashes.

Anything I need to prepare for?

Yes, on the day of your appointment please have clean mascara free lashes. Also, please take out your contacts.

Can I wear mascara?

Absolutely!!!! Just not waterproof mascara as it is a little harder on the lashes.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Appointments cancelled or rescheduled greater than 2 hours before your appointment time will not incur any cancellation charge. 

Cancellations within 2 hours of your appointment time will incur a charge of 50% of your scheduled service fee, and No-Show appointments will incur a charge equal to the full amount of the scheduled service fee. 

Appointments for multiple clients at the same appointment will follow the same policy if less than the scheduled number of clients decrease or are no-show.

All cancellation charges will be invoiced by either Venmo or Zelle. 

The cancellation policy enables Brows By Nikki to accommodate wait-list and last minute requests.  Thank you for your understanding.

Reading Faces and Eyebrows

Reading Faces and Eyebrows

Face reading guide. Basics, tips and secrets.

Physiognomy and facial expression includes all the features of each particular human face

Although the study of physiognomy is not part of a separate science of biology or psychology, people have been and are preoccupied to distinguish and interpret people’s faces, facial expressions and micro expressions.
The best way to learn face reading is to first learn how to recognize the different facial features and then learn how to relate them to their corresponding personality traits.

For the start I recommend you analyzing your personal traits such as:
  Your forehead type and size, occurring wrinkles and their alignment
 Eyebrows and eyes color, size, distance between them and shape
 Nose shape and length
 Mouth, lips and chin, shape and size
 Earshair and face shape

Surprisingly, many people may not know the answer to many of these questions, that’s why it’s very important to learn how to recognize these facial features in order to master the science of face reading.People usually become very enthusiastic about learning face reading and thus skip this step, however, it’s a strongly recommended step if you want to become a good face reader.

Below I will share those distinct areas of physiognomy.


Curved Eyebrows: Your mental focus is people-oriented. You connect & relate to the world best through your understanding of people. Sometimes you can understand an idea or theory better if it is explained to you in terms of a personal example or experience. It is best not to burden you with too much technical detail without showing you the real-world application (usefulness).

Straight Eyebrows: Your approach is direct and factual, and you want the technical details. You appreciate logic, and you will need to be shown all the facts and available data before accepting something as true. You mentally evaluate the hard facts without letting emotion effect your judgement.

Angled Eyebrows: If is important for you to stay mentally in control of any situation in which you find yourself. Gregarious and expansive, you may have good leadership qualities because few people will challenge your authority. You like to be right and usually are, having conscientiously “done your homework.” You stay mentally focused.

Eyebrow Position

High Eyebrows: You are discerning, selective, and discriminating. You need time to observe and work out ideas completely before acting. You protect yourself with a wait-and-see approach. You need time to put new information for you to understand how you feel about the subject and how the parts relate to the whole. You store information with an emotional tab; by recalling the feeling, you can often recall the event with surprising clarity. You detest being put on the spot to make a snap assessment or to make a decision about something new before you have had time to reflect on it and understand it.

Low Eyebrows: You are expressive, quick to take action and you process information quickly. You want to get the job done and do it now. You may have a tendency to interrupt others when they seem too slow to speak because you can often anticipate what they are going to say before they have finished saying it. You are initially optimistic but may become antagonistic if criticized. Your challenge is to develop more patience with others who don’t have your gift of mental quickness.

Specific Eyebrow Types

Bushy: You are a mentally active person, full of thoughts and ideas. Bushy eyebrows can indicate a powerful intellect. You are a non-stop thinker.

Thin (like a pencil line): You are single-minded, focusing on one thing at a time. Your challenge is being overly sensitive to how you imagine others see you. You probably think they are more critical than they really are. You sometimes feel overly self-conscious.

Winged (thick at beginning, becoming thinner at ends): You need to be on the planning committee! You love coming up with big, new ideas. Your visionary approach allows you to create exciting new plans, but your challenge is with follow-through. Delegate details to someone else to free yourself up to focus on your grand vision.

Even (same thickness throughout length): Your thoughts flow smoothly, evenly and you easily grasp whole concepts. Your challenge is developing a tolerance for other people’s difficulty with detail. By your mental standards, the rest of the world may seem slow or even unable to fully comprehend ideas.

Managerial (thin at beginning, thicker at outer edges): You may be slow to start something new, but once a task is accepted, you have great follow-through. Mentally tidy, well-organized, and methodical, you do well in any roles that requires attention to detail and completion. You dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s

Continuous/Uni-brow: Your thoughts are continuous and restless. Your challenge is to learn to mentally rest and relax. If you have a problem, you may have trouble sleeping because you can’t stop thinking. Meditation helps.

Tangled hairs (eyebrow hairs tangle): Your wild eyebrows signal that you are an unconventional thinker whose thoughts range over many areas, This gives you the ability to see all sides of an issue, and you may enjoy playing devil’s advocate to discover hidden truths. Your unusual mind may also attract unwanted conflict. If you’re getting more conflict than you want, try combing your eyebrows!

Access hairs (hairs growing straight up at beginning): You have a strong connection between your inner feelings and your logical thinking. You have an ability to be aware of potential problems immediately. Access hairs on the right side indicate that you spot problems in business and the public area. On the left side, they indicate you anticipate (expect/predict) potential problems in relationships.

Scattered hairs (single hairs outside of eyebrows): Your focus is wide ranging. You have a curious mind and are mentally drawn to many different topics. Each individual hair could almost be read as a separate mental interest. Your challenge is remaining focused on a single topic.

Chameleon (nearly invisible eyebrows): Your eyebrows do not give you away. Others may think you are just like them, whether you are not. You can blend into almost any group and you may be a talented negotiator because you can extract more information than you 

Facial shape

Round Face: They are known as water-shaped faced people. They have plump and fleshy face. They are known to be sensitive and caring. They are thought to have strong sexual fantasies. If you are looking forward for a long-term, stable relationship, these people will prove to be the right choice.

Oblong Face: The long, thin face is called the wood-shape face. These people may have a muscular or athletic physique. They are thought to be practical, methodical and tend to be a tad more overworked. They are weighed along with narcissism and may have problematic relationships.

Triangular Face: These face types are usually related to a thin body and intellectual persuasion. They are considered to be creative and thought to have a fiery temperament according to the Chinese face readers.

Square: They are known as the metal shape face. These people are thought to have an intelligent, analytical and decisive mind. The face shape is associated with an aggressive and dominating nature.

Rectangular Face: signals some variety: they tend to dominate but with less force, often they get their way in politics, business, sports, being always balanced, sometimes ambitious, sometimes melancholic.

Oval: expresses a character somewhat balanced, sweet, charming evenin which case those individuals are often best diplomats, but also able to duplicate,  women are often best artistsSometimes they can be dangerous, but temperamentally are weakoften they are weaker in physical strengthsometimes underactive.


Blonde hair  is showing physical weakness and indifference.They may seem impressionable and easy but in reality, they have the strongest consciousness, a great memory, this hair color reflects youthfulness, obedience and naivete.

Black hair without curls shows a person that is melancholic and looks calmShe is pessimisticand  transmits her dark ideas all around. Curly hair shows joy and affection.

Brown hair looks susceptibility and a romantic character, love of travel and adventurethese people have a strong characterand liberal ideas often they are indifferent.

Dark brown silky hair shows a preatty and attractive nature, with a power of seduction. Thesepeople are sensiblelove the company they are with, are proud and confident.

Brown hair, coarse, show an independent nature, not very sensitive, indifferent. They are responsible (good financial handling), reliable and usually more harworking than others.

Dark red hair, they definitely look courageously and often dark red-haired people arequarrelsomeskeptical and angryThey possess great physical energy and an almost brutalforce.

Bright red hair looks intelligentsensitivelucid spirit. If the hair is silky, it shows a loving nature, lively and passionateIf the skin is white it shows imagination, poetic character, romantic, artand music lover.

Pale red hair looks stylish but they have a lack of firmness.

Man with a hairy figure is sentimental, he has strength, energy, power and love sports and exercises outdoor. Man with no hair is a cunning man, diplomat, clever, he has tact in business, intelligent, his spirit is dominating the field.


Small ears show honor, manners and affection. As earlobe is thicker, the force of lived feelingsis increasedEars too small show shyness and reserve, and if the ears are long and narrowthese qualities increase. Medium ears show energy and determination.

Big ears with thick earlobe show rudeness and materialismDistanced ears are showing crueltydestruction desire. Vertical ears show strength, courage, energy, power.

Normal ears are those that do not pass the height above or below the eyebrows and nose.Those whose ears get over the eyebrows appear to have an angry character, vindictive and even have criminal tendencies.

Ears with detached earlobes from the head show generosity and free spirit. Contrarian to these qualities is shown by earlobes closed to the headA large distance between the eyes and ears show intellectual capacity and talent.


A high brow reveal aptitude for study. These people are very diligent and trainedThey reachsuccess.

A low and wide forehead shows a intuitive nature, endowed with natural skill and imagination.These people have a lot of spontaneity and often by their spirit will shineThey are moreinterested on impressions than the knowledge gained through study.

A little wide and high forehead well shaped eyebrows is the most desirableIt denotes prospect of permanent success.

square forehead shows honesty, sincerityStraight eyebrows increase these qualities. Loosing forehead shows lack of intelligence.

Forehead with deep lines (wrinkles) it reveals those who indulge in contemplation and research.Head without lines show cold, selfishness, lack of empathy and sarcasm. Vertical lines (wrinkles)between the eyes shows the power of concentration.


Brown eyes – Brown eyes are all about the Earth qualities of a person, including energy, fertility, endurance, creativity, lots of courage, and of course, grounding. And they are not much interested in material gains. They love nature, are spiritual and are very strong and even thick headed at times, very independent.

Black eyes – Oh mystery, sex, witchcraft, secrets, darkness (vampires anyone?). If you’ve read any romances and especially paranormal romances, you’ll notice that all the heroes (and romantic vampires) have black eyes. They are all mysterious and all the attributes listed above can be easily given to each and one of them. They never tell much about themselves and they also are known to have psychic powers.

Hazel eyes – They are again independent and courageous. They are extremely sensible and they are said to be empaths.

Blue eyes – Blue speaks about clairvoyant abilities (didn’t we just say the black eyes are the psychic ones?), and can see the future and the past like Nostradamus or Edgar Caycee. They are also very observant of their surroundings. Blue speaks of the energy of the sky and water (BIG surprise there!)

Green eyes – Would you be surprised if I told you that green eyes are all about the nature, healthy living, freshness? These people of all types are compassionate and they are spiritual in nature. They are our healers.

Gray eyes – These folks are also sensitive and have an inner strength that not many others possess. They have a deep wisdom and can change their mood to suit the current occasion.

Eyes that change colors and shades, show imagination and levity in feelings, but honesty in business. Character of these people is lively and courageous.

Large round eyes show those who are mainly interested in the opposite sex. They are intelligent, impulsive, imaginative and affectionate. If it is a big space between the eyes, they are honest, innocent and simple. Closed eyes shows the ability to focus, restlessness and a pleasure for changing things.

Small eyes are of observers, mischievous and cunning. These people seek to take advantage of the smallest thing.

Closed eyes reveals aptitude for foreign languages learning ​​and a good memory, if the eyes are distanced they show stupidity.

Eyelids covering eyes shows larger sensuality, increasing  if that person has rough black hair.


A perfect nose is one whose length is equal to the width of the forehead, and at the end has a width equal to the length of the eye.

Aquiline nose reveals a commanding power, determination and prideIf the nose is narrow it loses these qualities and replace them with a tyrannical character.

Straight well-formed nose shows patience, kindness, balance, elegance and power to endurefascination but also cold and indifferenceliberal ideas in relation to moral and social conventions.

Aquiline nose with the tip bent downshowing a melancholy nature, yet proud and boldThese people will never be funnybut will have a regular sarcasm.

Straight nose with the tip bent downshows a more melancholic naturebut less envious andmore lenient than those with curved nose.

Nose pointing up high and slightly curved in, show enthusiasm, skillThese people reach theirgoals through their cheerful and stylish mannerYou can not be mad on them for too long.They laugh in defense and  they’ll implement their plan despite any obstacles.

Snub nose show a tendency to dominance, lack of elegance and behaviour in life, but it can be accompanied by a literary and poetic power.

A curved nose reveals sharpness and very little curiosity, quarrelsomeIf the person has thin lips and mouth with bent edges shows gossipy.


Meaty / fleshy special sensitivity, suitable for artistic interes.
Weak and narrow – shows a guy who may have concerns or mystery that wishes to hide.
Too round and full  spiritual innocencesome softnesslack for action.
Sunken  irritable typemelancholic, most often sick.
Very smooth – carefree because it has a lack of responsibility.
Slightly wavy  reveals the experienced man that doesn’t refuse any new experiences.
Furrow  inclination to rustic lifeunpretentious, feels happy while working but he’s not making excess work.
Raised to eye  generouskind-heart, compassionate, ready to share tears with anyone’s pain, easily impressionable.


Thick lips show available pleasures, if the lower lip is slightly thicker that person loves to be well receivedloving character but undecidedIf it also has a split chin it reveals laziness and selfishness.

Pursed lips show courage and decisive character. Small lips reveals sometimes a cold and cruel nature.

Pale tight lips accompanied by a square jaw shows avarice, dirt, cruelty, brutality, selfishness, someone with whom we can’t be proud than in business.

When upper lip covers part of the lower lip reveals good characterloving person, love for pleasure and entertainment  if lips are thin, a little generosity and more selfishness.

Heart shaped lips shows independence and confidence, seductive and sensual,  the need for love and kindness is also important for these persons.

Lower lip pronounced outside reveals talent, satirical, cynicism and sarcasm.

Preferable are thick lips then thin lips. Mouth with corners pointing down shows deep thought and melancholy.

The Chin

Bony chin shows firmnessif squared points to a  strength character and little anger.

Right chin reveals a cold and selfish person. When cheeks are protruding it shows avariceSharp chin shows selfishness and when it’s sharp and small this individual has an interest in being praised.

Round and protruding chin shows strength, determination, wisdom, prudence and material instinct. These people inspire confidence through their easy and nice attitude.

Round dimple chin shows taste for business along with caution and discretion. 

Long squared chin shows a lawman or a good financial intermediary businessIf this man has small and tight lips he shows no mercy, he is relentless.

Square chin with dimples shows firmnessstubborn and hot temperThe dimple always increases the ardor and affection. 

Double chin and big cheeks reveals great joy, attraction for good food and sensual pleasuresThese qualities are more pronounced in those with large jaws.

SOURCE: “Amazing Face Reading” By Mac Fuller, J.D.

The History of Women and their Eyebrows

The History of Women and their Eyebrows

These days, it’s all in the brows — but in a way, it always was..

by LAUREN VALENTI  Apr 10, 2014 

1. The Ancient Egyptian Eyebrows of Horus, 3500 B.C. – 2500 B.C.
Both Egyptian men and women wore makeup for its supernatural powers. As an homage to the God Horus, heavily-lined eyes were the focal point of the face, which meant that eyebrows needed to be equally as prominent. They darkened, arched, and elongated brows by painting on carbon and black oxide substances. Sorry Cara, Cleopatra was most definitely the pioneer of the bold brow look.

2. The Pure Ancient Greek Brows, 800 BC to 146 BC:
The Ancient Greeks put an emphasis on purity and it was reflected in women’s beauty rituals. Often times married women would sport a natural look, while those who were unwed would touch up their eyebrows with black incense. A uni-brow was recognized as a beautiful trait — not a reason to run to your salon for an urgent pre-date touch-me-up.

3. The Astute Ancient Roman Brows, 753 BC to 476 AD:
Roman women had more freedom in their beauty practices than the Greeks, but the no-fuss uni-brow was still considered the most desirable characteristic. It was a sign of intelligence and worn by the most notoriously beautiful women of the time. Brow-wow-wow.

4. The Barely-There Middle Ages Brows, 1066 – 1485:
Medieval women pointed attention to their domed foreheads, a desirable trait of the time (yes, seriously!), by plucking their eyebrows heavily. While skinny, barely-there brows were the standard, during the Elizabethan era, many women dyed their brows in reddish tones as a nod to Queen Elizabeth (most definitely not Henry VIII #getitgirl).

5. The Needle-Thin 1920’s Brows:
During the Roaring Twenties, women used beauty to liberate themselves. Modeling themselves after silent film queen Clara Bow, eyebrows were severely plucked and penciled in thin, straight, and extended beyond the outer corner of the eye. It was the first time commercially-made products were available and flappers went to town — and then hit the town, of course.

6. The Curvatured 1930’s Brows:
The dark, heavily-tweezed brow trend carried into the 1930’s, but Hollywood actresses like Jean Harlow (pictured) and Greta Garbo used more pronounced, curvature arches to add drama, drama, drama.

7. The Heavier 1940’s Brows:
Brows became thicker in the 1940’s as part of a softer, less severe look. Move stars such as Lauren Bacall (pictureed) and Grace Kelly sported heavier brows with a prominent arch. What would Bacall’s signature expression, “The Look,” be without her striking brows?

8. The Plentiful 1950’s Brows:
Dior’s ‘New Look’ called for a full face of makeup, which was often topped off by a strong brow with a high arch. The biggest Hollywood stars of the time, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, andAudrey Hepburn, all boasted lush, immaculately-shaped brows. Their eyebrows are up here, boys!

9. The Painterly 1960’s Brows:
Sophia Loren had the most famous brows and unique styling technique of the 1960’s. You might even say her eyebrows were full of secrets. She shaved them off completely, then penciled them in tactfully with short, thread thin strokes that secured a bold, yet seemingly natural look.

10. The Au Naturale 1970’s Brows:
The 1970’s marked the return of the natural brow as the hippie movement took flight — think natural shape and less plucking la Ali MacGraw and Lauren Hutton. If you’ve let your brows run wild, just call it a ’70s revival.

11. The More is More 1980’s Brows:
With Brooke Shields and Madonna leading the movement, the more, more, moreness of the 1980’s held true for eyebrow shape. The bushier, the better, baby.

12. The Less is More 1990’s Brows:
The 1990’s had brows of all sizes, but there was still tweezing aplenty. The overplucked look was sported most popularly by Drew Barrymore and Pamela Anderson. Model Kristen McMenamy’s career skyrocketed only after she shaved off her eyebrows.

13. The Bold Brow of Today:
The bold brow is back, thanks in large part to model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne and what many are hailing “the power brow.” Whether your brows are the real deal or your just getting crafty with brow fillers, the thicker the better. Our tweezers are on hiatus for now, but if history is any indication, it’s only a matter of time before they’re in high demand once again.

Original article courtesy of Marie Claire


What Your Eyebrows Say About YOU

What Your Eyebrows Say About YOU

It’s not you, it’s your brows.     
by LAUREN VALENTI Nov 21, 2014 

It’s common knowledge that eyes are the window to the soul, thus making eyebrows the frame of the face. But your arches aren’t just an aesthetic, they’re also a potent testament to your character. Just ask face reading and feng shui expert Priya Sher, who believes that you can learn everything you need to know about a person just by looking at them.

“Every part of our face reflects a different age, relationship, aspect of our life and organ in our body,” Sher explains. “Eyebrows reflect our heart, our sexual energy, our relationship with our partner, our relationship with our siblings and our power, career and work style.”

So if brows can serve as a diagnostic tool, what constitutes arch appeal? We looked to Sher to help us decipher the meaning behind every shape, hair density, and texture, as well as find out what being too tweeze happy can do to your karma.

1. Curved: “A creative person.”

2. Straight: “A confident and assertive person — if a woman has straight brows she can be quite masculine.”

3. Angled: “Sensitive and private, but women with apex eyebrows can also be stubborn.”

1. Bushy: “Masculinity and an excess of male hormones in a woman’s body. If the hair is shiny, it reflects an individual with high sexual energy.”

2. Thin: “A feminine, gentle personality.”

1. High: “If they are too high, they are dreamers.”

2. Low: “They look too carefully at everything and often don’t have time for others.”

The Left vs. Right Brow: “Depending on which one is higher, it tells you about the control in relationships. If a woman’s right is higher she is controlling, if a man’s left is higher he is controlling.”

Brow Hair Texture: “If they are soft and shiny, than sexual energy is good. If they are rough and dull, than sexual energy is declining.”

What changes when you tweeze your eyebrows to achieve a different shape?

“If you make them thinner, you can reduce your ability to get a good powerful well paid job. If you try and make straight eyebrows more curved then you make your energy more feminine. The most important thing is that they be in proportion to your eyes, big eyes need thicker eyebrows. If they are not in proportion, aspects of your life may be unbalanced.”

Original article courtesy of Marie Claire


Eyebrow Facts

Eyebrow Facts

1. They’re designed to help us see.

The real function of our brows (aside from making us look glam, of course) is to keep moisture out of our eyes when it’s raining or when we sweat. That arched shape helps divert liquid to the side of our faces, keeping those peepers clear.

2. There’s a lot of hair in there!

According to the Bosley hair transplant company, the average person has about 250 hairs per eyebrow. However, some reports show that never-plucked brows can have as many as 1100 total hairs. (Wow!)

3. Brows have a lifespan.

The average lifespan of an eyebrow is four months, meaning the time it takes for each hair to fall out and new growth to fill in.

4. They’re crucial for facial recognition.

A study done by MIT found that people had more trouble correctly identifying the faces of people they knew when they were presented with images of them missing their eyebrows. Thus, researchers concluded that brows may be more important for facial recognition than eyes themselves.

5. Brows are voice-controlled … kind of.

Brows help us signal emotions, but they’re also on autopilot: As the pitch of your voice rises, so do your eyebrows and vice versa. Not only that but when you make an expression without thinking, like when you’re surprised, eyebrows move in a way that’s symmetrical to each other. Conversely, when you make what’s called an ‘intended’ expression, like suspicion and curiosity, your brows will furrow asymmetrically.

6. They give humans a special edge.

Many mammals have brows and use them to express emotions, but we’re the only species that has eyebrows against bare skin — which, apparently, provides us with an evolutionary advantage because our expressions are easier for our fellow men and women to see and interpret.

7. We’re not the first to beautify our brows.

When we pluck and define our brows, we are actually taking part in a long, long history of facial grooming. Every culture and time period has had a different way of shaping their brows: In Florence during the Renaissance, people shaved their eyebrows off completely, while the colonial elite in 18th-century America preferred to beef their brows up using grey mouse skin (ew!).

8. Your brows say more about you than you know.

According to the book Amazing Face Reading by Mac Fuller, J.D., the type of eyebrow you have defines who you are. Curved eyebrows indicate someone who is people-oriented and needs real-world examples to understand a problem, while straight eyebrows imply that someone is more direct, factual, and logical, thriving on technical details. Angled eyebrows, Fuller says, show someone who likes to be right and strives to be mentally in-control, no matter the situation.

Facts courtesy of http://www.dailymakeover.com/


Are You a Candidate for Microblading or Nanoblading?

Are You a Candidate for Microblading or Nanoblading?

You would love to improve your sparse or incomplete brows but have a number of questions. I’ve listed below what to expect and when you need to consult with your doctor before proceeding. To ensure Microblading or Nanoblading is right for you, I have a personal consultation with all my clients before scheduling any Microblading or Nanoblading treatment.

If you have any history or currently have any of the following, a doctor’s note maybe required.
Artificial Heart Valve
Blood Thinners
Bruise/Bleed Easily
Chemo Therapy
Circulatory Problems
Cold Sores
Fainting Spells or Dizziness
Graves’ Disease
Healing Problems
High Blood Pressure
Liver Disease
Low Blood Pressure
Prolonged Bleeding
Scar Easily
Thyroid Disturbances
Things to Avoid Two Week’s Prior to Microblading or Nanoblading:
Acne Treatments
Alpha Hydroxy Acids
Retin A
Topical Steroids
Things to Avoid the Day before and Day of Microblading or Nanoblading procedure
Grape Seed Extract
Cayenne Pepper
Dong Quai
Vitamin E
Cassia Cinnamon
Ginko Biloba

Each of the above items act as a blood thinner that can affect how well the microblading or nanoblading service takes.

What to Expect the First Week:

During this period your brows will be very dark, bold and slightly swollen. The darkness is to ensure color absorption but will lighten in the following week.

What to Expect the Second Week: 

Now your brows will start to lighten significantly, typically between 30-50%! Your brows will also start to peel, along with some of the color – don’t worry this is normal. Since the brows are healing they may feel a little itchy but please don’t scratch. 

What to Avoid Two Weeks After Microblading or Nanoblading:

To take the best care of your brows you will need to avoid any cleansing products that contain exfoliates and or acids. Please avoid touching and picking the microbladed/nanobladed area. No makeup, moisturizer, lotion, or sunscreen can be used on the brow area. No retinol or glycolic acid to any part of the face or neck. No sweating, long hot showers, Jacuzzis, swimming, nor sun tanning. Lastly, no chemical or laser peels.

What to Avoid Four Weeks After Microblading or Nanoblading:

Now your brows have gone through the hardest part of the healing process, you can relax, and rest assured that they will continue to look better as each day passes leading up to your touch-up appointment. Please continue to avoid chemical peels and any other forms of exfoliation including creams.

Other Important Things to Know:

Plan for 2 full hours on the day of your Microblading/Nanoblading appointment. As you start to relax while lying down for the procedure, you may find the room a little cold. A sweater or jacket is suggested as we cannot supply any blankets for sanitary reasons.

The sound of the microblading or naoblading device, while not loud, can be bothersome, so headphones to listen to your music are recommended.

Lastly, waxing cannot be provided at the time of service. Waxing is suggested no later than two days prior to service or two weeks after service.